The Best Investment Vehicle for Young Professionals

What if I told you I knew of the best investment vehicle in the world for young professionals, and that it could be used by a five-year-old?

If the average American used it on a daily basis they would get a return on their investment of 260x or $75,000+ every ten years.

What if I told you the barrier to entry is only $300? And that would get you into the fancier range!

What if I told you this investment vehicle would make you more fit and happy too, on top of its return?

It's true.

This investment vehicle is the most efficient vehicle man has ever made, and it has been around exactly 200 years. Though, it has been hidden in plain sight for about the last 125.

What's the name of this magical investment?

A bike. 

That's right. It's damn true. The best investment vehicle for a young person to start using today is a bike. Hands down.

Here, let's explore why. We'll use your awesome self as an example.

Because you're discovering your hidden green, you go out a give this whole biking gig a try.

You start running your daily errands, meet ups with friends, rides halfway to in to work and back—simple things—using your bike.

You're riding about 5 miles a day, and with the current operating cost of a car at $.53/mile, you're stashing $13,900 in ten years.

You quickly recognize how much fun pedaling around with the wind in your hair is, and you start organizing rides with friends on weekends instead of 11am brunches.

Leisure time at even just $20 a week replaced with outdoor biking, you find you're saving another $15,000 over a ten year period.

A few months in you figure out that a human's transportation method isn't some status symbol like advertiser's try to make it seem on every magazine cover and TV commercial.

Rather it's a vehicle built to effectively get you, and sometimes your stuff, from A to B.

You decide to ditch the biggest mistake most young professionals make in by buying an average new car at $33,650. Instead you learn how to buy a used car that kicks ass for both your travels and your wallet.

This pumps an extra $26,000 (likely more) right into your pocket.

About three months in your body is looking toned as ever. People are even telling you that you look great! You feel great too.

The added energy inspires you to rock it harder at work, and the new healthy body lowers the amount of doctor visits you end up attending each year.

The new energy and better mood at work help you kick in an extra 5% more than your sitting slug work mates. At $40,000/yr, this gives you another $20,000 in ten years.

The new healthy lifestyle is really going to pay off monetarily 15, 20, 30 years down the line, but for now you're putting away another $300 or so a year. That's $3,000 in ten years. 

Everything begins to feel too good to be true. You decide biking is the way to go. You design more and more of your life around biking and walking, rather than sitting stagnantly in a car.

In about 10 years, you've saved $77,900.*

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That in itself is enough to power you to go out and see the world, start a family or build a business.

And because this is only during your young professional years, you've got another 30+ years to let this investment vehicle continue to tone out your body, boost your energy and happiness levels and grow your stash.

Assumming a similar biking lifestyle for 20 years, you've saved $250,000!*

30 years? $585,000!* Just from designing your life around biking!

So that's you.

A young professional taking advantage of the best investment vehicle the world has to offer. A young professional charging after freedom rather than material luxury.

Need one of these insanely epic investments?

Bikes Direct is the place to get one. Here's a rad city bike to cruise around on for $299.

I've gotten two bikes from Bikes Direct over the past five years. Both have been amazing. The site looks a bit funky, but it's the best value for solid bikes anywhere. 

Get out there and start stashing the hidden green way! If you do, wealth in both money and life is pretty much guaranteed.

How much are you biking right now?

*Calculations are based on an average 7% return, which is the historic long term return of the market.

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