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Socially Responsible Investing: You Better Think Twice

First let's make clear the distinction between SRIs and index funds ethically. The comparison is not simply good vs evil. It is more like ethically good (SRIs) vs a mix of ethically good and ethically bad (index funds).

Now that the distinction is clear, I have two considerations in my decision: 1) Where can I have the greatest impact for my self, and 2) Where can I have the greatest positive impact in the world or my community?

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Combat Chicken Little Investor Syndrome

“Wow.” You say, “If only 20% of people beat the market, why do humans keep putting their money into these one company type stocks? Why does this continue to happen???”

There are numerous reasons, but I’ll just give you a few.

Even with all this, Warren Buffett still suggests that the best place for an investor to invest their savings ratio each month is in low-cost index funds. Hell, even Buffett himself plans to have his money placed in index funds when he dies. Here's his exact words...


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Our Stock Picks From Now Till... Forever.

My advice to you -- start now. (As long as you’re financially ready!) Here’s how:

In my post about the savings ratio I mentioned a couple who’ve built their own home in Colorado and hit Financial Freedom at age 30. They used a portfolio that looks like this...

This is great because you know that market lows/crashes will happen multiple times during your lifetime. And hell, you are even excited by market crashes!...

Ok, you’re ready to invest! Seriously like more prepared than a huge population of the US. So feel confident. Go! Start! Seriously!

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The Secret to Investing

Stocks rise and fall because there are millions of people buying and selling them everyday. These people are glued to the news day and night, munching nervously away at their finger nails while they watch their one company type stocks. In this blog we'll call them Chicken Little Investors.

WAY more often than not, Chicken Littles do worse than the people who are just chilling and doing something fun like cycling before work, lounging with friends after work or hiking on weekends. Here we’ll just call them Fun-Hogs.

“Wow.” You say, “If those chances are so low, why do humans keep investing their money like Chicken Littles? Why does this continue to happen???”

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Why You Need to Start Investing

US currency (just like gas) has inflated, with its rises and falls, at a rate of 3% over time. This should scare you a bit because it means that unless your money is growing by 3%, you’re actually losing money.

We need a vehicle that is going to combat that -3% and drive us forward to freedom. That vehicle is called investing.

We’re going to begin at the basics. Then we’ll talk about a place where you don’t need a large lump sum of money to start. All you need is a solid savings ratio and a fun-ass life.

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The One Number That Takes You to Financial Freedom

Check out the chart below... Find your savings ratio. Next to it you’ll see the years of work left until freedom, assuming you start with $0.

At this point you will be able to travel East Asia for however long you want. And when you come home there will be no deadline to find a job. Or at this point you will be able to snowboard Utah’s light pow till you drop in exhaustion on a Tuesday. And then go back out the next three days without constraint because it’s dumping.

You will be able to do this because at this point your money itself will be making enough income to cover your lifestyle cost (your spending). This is called financial freedom.

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