How to Beat Your Cro Magnon-Like Cravings

Long, long ago a Cro Magnon man walked the earth.

The Cro Magnon man migrated North in the summers and South in the winters. He built his own tools, started his own fires, and hunted and gathered his own food.

But he had one big problem: Food was a total scarcity. He was lucky if he was able to eat once every few days. 

You wouldn't believe it, but one day along his walk he stumbled upon a huge chunk of cooked mammoth meat. It was charred on the outside, medium rare on the inside, and still warm!  A lightening bolt had struck the bush where the animal had died.

He couldn't believe his luck!

Knowing that he may not have the chance at any food over the next 3-4 days he started chowing down. He got full quickly. 

As he looked up to breathe he saw a group of wolves staring at him wanting the meat. An instinct triggered in his brain and he went head first back into the meat like a pig jumps into a pile of mush. He finished it off in 5 huge monstrous bites. 

The Cro Magnon man knew that if he didn't eat the rest now he'd be wasting a huge opportunity, and could very easily die from starvation in a few days. 

The juices fell from his bearded chin and he snorted as he caught his breath from the heavenly experience.

We have evolved from this! A person living in scarcity surrounded by competition of which an unfortunate outcome could mean death.

The difference now is that we are surrounded by abundance everywhere!

We have access to warm food, clean water, housing, etc. 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Being that you have the electricity and computer device to read this I am 100% sure of it. 

Though when you see all these opportunities for food, clothing, transportation, etc. we still unconsciously use our Cro Magnon brain, "I have to have it now! There's life threatening competition out there. I may never have this chance again."

Though if we think for one moment we know that that couldn't be further from the truth! 

99.99% of the time you'll never even come close to experiencing a live threatening occurence if you wait before going after food, water, clothing, transportation, housing, etc. 

This evolutionary trait that screams "I have to have it now!" inside us no longer help us in a world filled with abundance. 

So the goal becomes to quite your Cro Magnon mind when you see something you've just got to have.

When you head out to a restaurant with friends think, "Do I really need the super burrito with guac and chips? Or can I just get a regular burrito or couple tacos?"

When you head to the grocery store or to work think, "Do I really need to sit in an ultra powered wheel chair and drive there? Or can I bike it and meet up with some friends along the way? Or can I drive halfway and bike/walk/run the rest?"

When you're nervously planning a first date (or 50th!) think, "Do I really want to be another dude that asks her out to a dinner or coffee? Or instead can I share something I cooked/brewed myself and meet up with her somewhere along a walk with a view?"

Hell YES you can! And taking those alternative actions that quiet the "I gotta have the easiest way every time" mind makes your life damn better!

So next time you get that Cro Magnon craving recognize it. Then calm it down with some hidden green. And after simply choose the option that will make you happier, healthier, and grow your stash.

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