Get Your Everyday Gear Dialed

To really make the hidden green happen you got to have your daily gear dialed.

When you get hungry you shouldn't feel forced to spend $10 at a restaurant for food. When the weather quickly changes you shouldn't need to go buy a $30 sweater. 

You've got to be ready to switch discomfort to comfort anytime its thrown your way. It's your daily challenge to be prepped and ready. Hungry? Boom. You pull out an energy bar. A ruckus happening when you want to sleep? Boom. You pull out your ear plugs. Headache? Boom. You pull out Ibuprofen. 

You're set to take on anything daily life throws at you. I like to think of this like I'm going on a micro backpacking adventure anywhere I go. And for me it all starts with my pack. 

My current pack is a 24 liter Camelback that I got for $40 at an REI used gear sale. There's a number of items I take with me everywhere and a few I funnel in and out depending on the micro adventure and its potential discomforts. You should set up your own pack with the gear that'll keep you from making needless one-off purchases. 

Here is how I have my pack set up:

The Everyday Essentials

-The pouch!
-Floss, toothbrush, razor, ear plugs
-Extra contacts, contact solution, eye drops
-Claritin (allergies), ibuprofen, aloe vera
-Quick snack
-Chapstick, sunscreen, deodorant
-Bandaids, antibacterial ointment
-Bike tube
-Pen, paper, headphones
-Water bottle
-$10-$20 in cash and checks

Last week I was in a park and a few friends had a bottle of wine, but didn't have a bottle opener. Welp, I pulled out the leatherman and got that party started. I had a long drive last weekend to get together for a friend's bachelor party. On it I ended up pulling out two energy bars from my pack and didn't have to pull over for some fast food.

Also on that trip, I forgot my contact solution bottle that I had taken out of my pouch a few days earlier. No one else had any contact solution so I had to walk down the street and pick up a small bottle up. Not a huge purchase at all, but I had to leave my buddies for some time, and spent $5 I shouldn't have had to spend and wasted another plastic bottle that shouldn't have had to been consumed. A simple human mistake, but I would have been so much more stoked to have hung out and had it in my pouch.

The Pack's Bench Players

-Light jacket
-Shorts, shirt and shoes
-A book and journal
-Bike tool

I can't even tell you how many times all these items have come in handy for me. It's seriously like a daily benefit. They barely take up any room in my pack and all together weigh like 4-6 pounds. The pics here are what was in my pack this morning before I biked in to work.

So let's say you just use the light jacket once and the energy bar even four times each month rather than getting a $30 new jacket or purchasing $10 burrito/burger meal. Just with that your keeping $800/year in your stash! Or using on a vacation! Or anything better!

Now go outfit your pack! And let me know what I'm missing in mine in the comments! 

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