How to Stash $40,000 During Your Commute to Work

"I love sitting in traffic!"  Said, No. One. Ever. 

But the actions of our masses show us something CRAZILY different every morning. Yep, this "I love sitting in traffic" is what a massive amount of people act out twice a day, five days a week, for decades. Yes. Decades! 

The same sunk cost fallacy life model happens with these quotes about work commutes too, "I love standing shoulder to shoulder on a crowded bus." "I love losing an hour everyday to sitting down." "God, I hope that guy with the smelly armpits stands next to me today." Said: No. One. Ever.

So let's wake up! Here's how I've gotten out of this ridiculous mindset on my morning commute. 

First off, if I'm going to have to go to work every day the journey there might as well be fun! This is how I get to and from work every day.

80% time I bike. Yes, the most efficient machine man has ever made has taken me 6 miles to work and back home for the last 2 years.

When I lived 12 miles from work for the first year of work, I drove the first 4 miles to a free and safe parking spot and then jumped outside to the fresh air and rode the last 8 miles to and fro work. 

The other 20% of the time I run/bus/run. Even though biking is the most hidden green machine ever too much of it can get a little old. When these times happen I run.

On these micro adventures, I head out of my place with a small pack strapped across my chest and waist and run to a nearby bus stop. I jump on the bus for 2 miles or so and then jump off and run the rest of the way in.

In the pack I have my work clothes and all my dialed in micro adventure gear. It probably weighs 7-8 pounds and adds to the awesome workout. 

Once I'm at work I do a quick face wash, throw on some deodorant and fresh clothes and start the day ready to go. Because you look like such a badass doing this each day you'll likely get a bunch of interest from your coworkers. When this happens for me I try to explain how they can easily make something similar happen too. 

So let's consider if over the last 3 years I just drove in to work like every other drone worker out there. Considering the difference between first year and last two years' journeys, in total the first year comprised 7,000 commuting miles and the last 2 years have held up 6,000 miles in total. With gas around $3 per gallon that comes out to $3,000 just for gas! 

That's $4/day or $20/week. Because I eliminate this and toss the $4 in a fun hog index funds I'll have $15,000 in 10 years. And a fit, healthy body without the need for a gym membership to boot.

Oh, whoops! I left out the cost of biking and run/bus/run over those 3 years. So for me I've spent on three to four bike tubes, one set of new cables and brake pads, one pair of shoes, probably 40 bus rides, and a bit of driving that first year. That's a cost of $600 for the entire three years! Or its $200 a year or $.55 per day. 

The crazy thing is my commute journey numbers are small. 

But! What if you live too far to bike? What if it's too cold out? What if it's raining? What if, what if, what if...

If this question is in your mind you're probably commuting more than you want! So it's time to boost your hidden green with some creativity and flexibility! There is no martini solution to everything in life and nor do those type of solutions actually make you happier – they just boost your chocolate cake-like pleasures

Massive numbers of people are doing commute 15 to 25 miles to work and they can't stand it. Crazy, right? If these people made changes in their life to get to a bike/run commute they'd save $41,000 in 10 years! That is some real money.

Once you muster up the hidden green to make a solution happen, you will be 10 times happier than any sunshine, martini solution because you overcame a challenge!

Off the top of my head, here's some quick ideas: You can drive half way. You can get an electric bike! You can move closer to where you work. You can get a job closer to where you live. When it's rained, I've biked in to work wearing a Hawaiian T on top of my rain jacket numerous times. And I put my clothes in a trash bag to keep them dry. Get flexible. Get creative. It makes life better. 

You don't want to be another drone person sardined in a box or sitting in a mega-powered wheel chair on their way to work. No one does! 

So get creative with your life, find a way to overcome the obstacle and then go out and make it happen! You will be happier and healthier doing it. And who knows in 10 years you might just be $40,000 wealthier too!

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