The Difference Between an Orgasm and a Workout

"What the hell does the difference between an orgasm and a workout have to do with making money?" You might think.

"Everything." I would say to you.

So what's the difference?

An orgasm is a pleasure and a workout is a happiness.

There's quite a big difference here, and that difference has a damn lot to do with living a healthy, joyful, and wealthy life. Let's dig in to it. 

Pleasure. Pleasure is the jolt of dopamine you get from eating a piece of chocolate cake. Pleasure is the feeling you get when you retail therapy some rad new gym shoes. Pleasure is the quick high you get when you watch some guy score a touchdown on TV.

Pleasure occurs when someone or something else exerts energy into you. 

That's great for a short while. But there's something missing. Something more fulfilling.

That something is happiness. Happiness is the self-esteem you grow from choosing an apple and honey instead of that chocolate cake. 

Happiness is the fulfillment you get when you have a great sweat-filled, exhausting work out in your old beat up gym shorts instead of buying the newest shoe everyone else is buying. 

Happiness is the enjoyment you feel after you play a kick-ass game of mud football with your friends (or surf!) instead of sitting on the couch watching a game on TV.

Happiness happens when you exert energy into yourself!

Once you start recognizing the difference you'll start to see that our society is overwhelmingly driven by consuming massive amounts of unnecessary pleasure. 

So far so that the ridiculous amount of consumption actually looks normal to those who haven't found the hidden green.

Here's a few you probably come across every day, and how much you'd lose in 10 years if this craziness was a weekly thing:

-Buying new clothes for $50 just because "I had to have it." ($37,600 flushed)
-Grabbing that $4 morning coffee cup before work. ($15,040 adios)
-Going out to $100 worth of restaurants and bars two to three days a week. ($75,200 sayonara)

And these somehow normal acts are reenforced by advertisements everywhere we look: Online ads, billboards, TV commercials, sides of buses, clothing, etc.

Giving in to these ads and seemingly normal trends suck the hidden green out of your stash and life.

The Hidden Green's here to get you to wake up! The world has got it ass-backward!

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You do not want what the advertisers try to convince you you need. WAY TOO often the purchase is an unnecessary pleasure and it will take from your happiness! 

Now I'm not here telling you absolutely no more pleasures. C'mon. Get real. 

But what I am here to tell you is that you have to start recognizing that most purchases are pleasures that do not make you happier.

Here's some awesome ways to switch those pleasure purchases to that deeper, more fulfilling place of happiness. 

-Get creative with clothes from a thrift shop or swap some clothes with friends. (+$37,600)
-Get a latte machine and enjoy your hot cup longer inside a rad thermos. (+$15,040)
-Buy food in bulk, put it in cool mason jars, and throw pot lucks, card games, and parties at your place or at a park. (+$75,200)

Then take the difference from the money you would have spent and transfer it over to your savings to be dumped into index funds just like a fun hog and watch it grow!

You want to create things yourself, not look and wear the same thing as every other person. You want to learn new skills, not have someone else do it for you. You want to make fun activities for you and your friends to do together not sit around staring at a screen. This is how you grow as a human. This is how you add to your freedom stash. This is happiness.

So take this understanding with you:

Pleasure is a short high caused from an external source.

Happiness is a feeling of long term joy caused from an internal sense of achievement.

Keep it with you in your wallet. Then next time you've got a choice ask yourself, "Unnecessary pleasure or lasting happiness?" Then watch as your happiness and stash start to soar.

Free Mini-Course — Do What You Love Finance

Keep reading. You won't regret it.