How to Score Insane Online Deals

Over the past two years I've scored big on my purchases.

A $1,500 road bike for $600, an $800 surfboard for $425, a $420 wetsuit for $120, and a beach front apartment for $1035/mo in a city where the average 1 bedroom costs $2896/mo (yes, San Francisco).

And all these purchases are pretty damn fancy. Here's a few photos to prove it:

Want in? Ok. Here's the secret.

If This Then That (IFTTT)

IFTTT empowers luddite computer-folk to create IF, THEN recipes on top of the websites and apps they use everyday. 

For example, you can create a recipe that says IF Craigslist shows an apartment in these neighborhoods within this price range THEN email me. Now you become the first person to see any new posting.

Starting to feel the power? This tool is real.

The channels I take advantage most to score epic purchases are Craigslist and eBay. How else could I snag a $600 snowboard and binding set up for $265?

Here's how to use it: After you sign up for free, click your username in the top right. Then click "Create". From there select from their 200+ Channels (LinkedIn, Stocks, Weather, The New York Times, Google Drive, SMS, etc.). Plug in your IF THIS, DO THAT requests, and rope in whatever you want for a killer price usually within a few days.

Here's a quick tutorial I found online:

Gone are the days scavenging through Craigslist and eBay posts. Now what you want and need comes straight to you via your inbox or phone.

Don't mis-read me here. I'm not encouraging you to spend beyond a reasonable 50% savings ratio. Rather I am showing you one way you can be efficient with the 50% you do spend.

You've got to have solid gear to have a fun time. The coolest thing is it doesn't have to cost you your future freedom to get it.

I have saved thousands of dollars on incredible gear and living situations using IFTTT. You will too. Go! Use it!

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