Spend Your Sunlight Wisely

"I can't spend another 2,000 hours in an office building letting the sunshine pass overhead without feeling it touch my skin. Can you?"

Let that sit.

I have let the sun pass over my head without feeling it's warmth for the past three years of my life. That's 2,000 hours a year I will never get back. Ever. This fact really makes me think – "What is my time worth?"

So let's think about it.

Right now I make $38 per hour. After tax that's just about $30 an hour.

Each month I pay $900 for rent and utilities. Divided down to a daily basis that is $30/day. Now since I work 20 days a month, that means the first 1.5 hours of every work day my time and money are going straight to my landlord and the utility companies.

Just that 1.5 hours a day makes me cringe, and I haven't added on my regular spending! So at this point I have 6.5 hours left.

Beyond rent and utilities, on average I spend $500 per month. Put into a daily unit that's is about $17 per day. So in terms of work days, that means 45 minutes of every work day go right into this spending. 

At this point I know that the first 2.25 hours of every day I work is literally being spent to pay someone else. 30% of every work day. I feel like that's a lot, and that's lightyears ahead of the masses.

The masses who are saving a normal (but ridiculous) 15% of their income, are spending 9am till 4pm every work day just to throw their life energy away right into other people's pockets

Think about that! Could you image spending 7 hours of your workday (yes 9am to 4pm) only to give that life energy, that money to someone else? That is bat shit crazy!

So the question becomes, How can you better spend your time?

Killer Gabe finding a job he loves in the local community.

Killer Gabe finding a job he loves in the local community.

1. Find a job that makes you happy. I'm much happier as a self-doer and not as happy working for someone else. I also love to be outdoors and active. That's just me. So that's exactly what I should go do! But for me, this concept of just going and doing it has actually been really tough. I did a make a change to a job I like much better 3 months ago, but I'm still lacking the outdoor component and the do-it-yourself aspect of my work day. But I am not stuck! I just need to get over a mental hump.

So how can I get over that hump?

2. Kick ass at my current job. If I ever leave I want to have the option to get another solid income job if shit ever hits the fan. So to have this comfort, I should kick ass in my current position. That means coming in happy, helping my coworkers and team and exceeding my goals. If I do those three things, I will have a great recommendation in my back pocket if need ever be.

But what if even then I don't feel comfortable leaving knowing I could find a job I'd like better? Like would I have the time needed to really find the right job or the runway to start something myself? 

3. Start laser focusing your spending on your values, things like freedom or adventures, the things that deep down make you happy. By focusing in on what you truly enjoy, less money is spent on things you don't. This will boost your stash and give you months, or better years worth of spending you can use to create the income stream you're happy by.

This is my dad. He's doing what he loves. He is great.

This is my dad. He's doing what he loves. He is great.

I would be much happier giving up 50% of my working day to other people's pockets if that 50% was spent doing the things I love. That feels so weird for me to say, but it's true! If I could be outside, active and creating something on my own I would give switch the money for the happiness any day. 

And I think I can do this. That's basically where every single one of my recent posts have lead me -- to create a work life, an income stream that aligns with what I want to do in my life. 

So there's the two pieces to this puzzle. They can be done in either way. For me it was first aligning my spending with what I truly value (freedom, being outside, adventuring). And then second, aligning my income to these same hopes and dreams.

And you know what, I'm actually working on putting this together right now! I imagine my next few posts might start focusing on this income side of the equation, something I haven't talked much about yet. Partially because I haven't really nailed it down. 

So if you're willing to learn from my bumpy, silly journey, I'll soon share with you what I'm planning to do, how I am starting it from pretty much scratch and the ups and downs of the small lifestyle venture. Excited to share all this with you in the coming posts!

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