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Enough, and Its Relation to Happiness

Make $1,000,000/yr, and live with a lifestyle cost of $950,000/yr? A 5% savings ratio. You will have to work 66 years till your investments will support your lifestyle.

Make $40,000/yr with a lifestyle cost of $15,000/yr? A 65% savings ratio. You only have 10 years of work ahead of you till you're financially free.

And yes, that $1,000,000/yr and 5% savings ratio situation? It actually happens. Mike Tyson had $400 million and went bankrupt, and so have other rich and famous people.

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Our Stock Picks From Now Till... Forever.

My advice to you -- start now. (As long as you’re financially ready!) Here’s how:

In my post about the savings ratio I mentioned a couple who’ve built their own home in Colorado and hit Financial Freedom at age 30. They used a portfolio that looks like this...

This is great because you know that market lows/crashes will happen multiple times during your lifetime. And hell, you are even excited by market crashes!...

Ok, you’re ready to invest! Seriously like more prepared than a huge population of the US. So feel confident. Go! Start! Seriously!

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