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Socially Responsible Investing: You Better Think Twice

First let's make clear the distinction between SRIs and index funds ethically. The comparison is not simply good vs evil. It is more like ethically good (SRIs) vs a mix of ethically good and ethically bad (index funds).

Now that the distinction is clear, I have two considerations in my decision: 1) Where can I have the greatest impact for my self, and 2) Where can I have the greatest positive impact in the world or my community?

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Combat Chicken Little Investor Syndrome

“Wow.” You say, “If only 20% of people beat the market, why do humans keep putting their money into these one company type stocks? Why does this continue to happen???”

There are numerous reasons, but I’ll just give you a few.

Even with all this, Warren Buffett still suggests that the best place for an investor to invest their savings ratio each month is in low-cost index funds. Hell, even Buffett himself plans to have his money placed in index funds when he dies. Here's his exact words...


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