Our Hidden Mission

This blog is for freedom seeking people who want to become good with their money.

But there's a hidden mission behind what we teach you.

It has to do with the synergy between growing your stash and benefiting the environment.

It works something like this: I uncover the crazy amount of hidden green that's in common meaningless spending on bars, clothing, restaurants, car costs, etc. and you turn that into a stash of cash that gives you insane freedom to live more and more of the life you want.

The positive environmental impact occurs when someone wastes less, stashes more and lives free from financial constraints. Think about it from the perspective of purchasing a car. 

A consumer clown will go out and buy a new 2017 Nissan Xterra. They'll take out a 10 year loan to purchase the $27,000 over powered wheel chair.

And when accounting for insurance, gas, vehicle value depreciation, and one-off mechanic fees the car ends up costing them $65,000 over 10 years! Flushed to a car and gas company.

While someone knowing the hidden green will get a 2008 Honda Fit for $5,500 in cash. They know it will get them from point A to point B just the same, and that it'll leave some powerful extra cash in their pocket rather than handing it over to some big company.

In 10 years they'll spend around $23,000 on all the car expenses.

If we take that $42,000 difference and put it in a trusty old index fund the greener ends up with $100,000 in 10 years. Just from a freaking car purchase!

And here's the environmental part. The Xterra gets 20MPG while the Honda Fit gets 40MPG. In its 10 year driving life the Xterra spews out 70 metric tons of CO2 while the Fit puts out 40 metric tons of CO2.

That is getting close to a 50% reduction! And heck, it isn't even including all that went into making the brand new parts of the Xterra, while the parts for the Fit were just passed from consumer to consumer.

This same kind of thing happens with purchases on stuff like clothing, food, house supplies, etc. You can find all these things at crazy less expensive prices, and more often then not it rocks planet earth's socks.

To be honest with you, I was that driver of the Xterra 3 years ago.

I was passing my paycheck to the pump with the car's low-as-hell 14 MPG. And while I loved the environment my life was a volcano of unnecessary wastefulness. 

Now I’m a normal guy rocking the hidden green.

I'm driving a 40 MPG Toyota hatchback (like twice a month!)biking everywheregetting beautiful house supplies by hacking Craigslist and treasure hunting consignment shops. And I'm 1,000 times happier, healthier and wealthier as I was before. Literally 1,000 times.

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There’s common knowledge that the biggest problem facing today’s environmental crisis is over population.

But for some reason I’ve never been able to accept that statement. 

Today I’ve figured out why: Blaming the core of our environmental crisis on simply too many people lacks hope.

The statement misses that the human species has a unique quality called, “conscious decision making.” The root problem of the environmental crisis is not over population. The root problem is unconscious consumption. And we can fix that. 

We can fix that because there is a point where convenience becomes an inconvenience. And at that point consumption does not make us more happy. It actually makes us sad, fat, frustrated and depressed. 

Bringing consciousness to consumption won’t just make our lives more fun and fulfilling. It will also shift the movement of money from unnecessary, environmentally detrimental consumption back to your pocket for freedom.

And that’s the hidden mission of this blog: To save the world from self destruction by turning people's unneeded consumption into their freedom stashes. Hence, “The Hidden Green.”

Free Mini-Course — Do What You Love Finance

Keep reading. You won't regret it.