The Millennial Slave

Want to enslave a generation? Here let me tell you how. 

Offer people an amount of money every two weeks in exchange for help. Give them a portion of what you make. 

Then surround them by advertisements in their "free time" -- the time they don't work. They'll spend 95% of what you gave them, I promise. And they'll do it before their next paycheck rolls around in two weeks.

They'll spend because everywhere they look will show people living inside enormous 3 story dwellings, using the newest smart phone, computer, or tablet, wearing the most expensive designer jackets, handbags, and shoes, while eating food and drinks from the most lavish restaurants.

Make opulence look normal.

Hell, even let them taste it. Offer them the newest phones at a small price up front. Then lock them into a "contract." The monthly payments will cost them more in the end. They'll never have a clue. 

Offer them the newest cars. Make it seem like they own them. You could even re-use that "contract" model. Call it something different though. A "lease." Oh, that sounds great! 

Let them pay for the massive depreciation that happens during a new car's first three years. And why not? Charge them interest on those payments. Call that a "money factor" just so they don't recognize they're paying interest. Then once the lease is up force them to either start a new lease (that's the hope!) or buy the current car at its 50%+ depreciated value (still made money off that money factor!). Beautiful!

Offer them three story dwellings with swimming pools. But how could they have the money to purchase one? Well, you could create a "mortgage." Good idea! Make it so they only need to put 10% even 0% down. Then make the payments just big enough to carve off the last part of their paycheck. And of course, add in interest. With how slow they'll pay it back you could make almost double the house's value!

Let them play with luxuries they could never own through hidden costs.

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Put the most successful CEOs and businesses on the front of magazines. Make television shows, movies, and songs that glorify and praise them. 

Tout their extravagant wealth, fame, and power so the people see it everywhere. Make that the conventional definition of success. Get the people to think that climbing the corporate ladder is one of the greatest accomplishments in life.

Idolize the few at the top of the system.

Don't tell them about being flexible. Make it seem like they have to have cable television to stay in touch with friends. Like they have to have the new phone, the new car, the bigger house every 7 years. Make it feel like they're an outcast or a failure if they don't follow this path.

Brainwash them to view money for pleasure, not for freedom.

Put the kids in school. Teach them to follow directions, turn assignments in on time, and receive a reward or grade after they finish each one. Tune them in to doing this for eight hours a day, like that's just how life is.

Make it so once they leave school they think their learning is done. This way they will come to you or another business when they need something done.

Once they are working give them two weeks off a year just so they don't revolt. A time where the slaves can have free recreation. 

They'll be so tired from work at this point that they'll spend thousands to travel to far off places with all inclusive stays (those vacations the advertisements make seem normal). It'd be the best way they can recharge their batteries. 

They'll spend any of the money they saved during that time, so they have to come back to make more.

Oh, and tell them there's an age they can look forward to when the mandatory work stops. Make it 65 so you have them for 40 years. Their 40 most productive years. 

And then if down the road your business gets in a tight spot for whatever reason just let them go. But don't worry. They won't want to leave.

They will beg you to come back.

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