The Ridiculous Hours Young Professionals are Actually Working for Themselves

In September of last year, I quit my job after saving $97k. The decision came about after taking a new view on my life through the lens of time.

While that sounds fancy, the exact moment sounded more like this, "HOLY SH*T. I'm not alive to sit in a wheely-chair from 9-5 everyday in office farm."

One day at work, probably around August, I started thinking, "How much of my time am I actually spending here?"

"Hmmmm" I said, "Okay, if I work an average eight hours a day for 50 working weeks a year, that means I am choosing to miss the sunlight pass over my head for 2,000 hours each year."

My gut dropped.

I pulled it back together. "Alright, well I'm stashing hard for future freedom I thought. How much of my time is going there?"

Cool. So I know I make about $4,200/mo. And because I'm conscious of where my money goes, I know I spend about $1,800/mo.

Taking that $4,200/mo and dividing it by the 160 working hours in a month, I figured I was making about $26.25/hr or $1,050/week after tax.

This is where it got super interesting.

Wow, I thought. If I'm making $26.25/hr that means the first week of every month existed just to pay my rent! (I lived in SF, and, if you can believe it, actually had a good deal too!)

If that's true, then that means it's taking me till the Friday of the second week of the month to start saving for myself!

In other words the first 68 hours or 9 full days of my work every month I'm working a job I'm "meh" about to give money to someone else.


Let's jump out of this story for a moment to look at a supposedly above average 20 or 30 something saver.

Being that on average our brethren save -1.8% of their income, we don't have to give much to make them above average. But why not?

Let's say we take that guy in your office who takes the job waaay to seriously. We'll give him a whopping 20% savings ratio to be nice.

Each month this designer clothed dude makes $3,000 and spends $2,400.

He's pulling in $18.75/hr, and, hence, is working 128 hours each month to give that money away to other people.

That means it will take him till the 23rd day of the month to bring home any money for himself! (Assuming the month starts on Monday.)

That's 16 working days! Gone, POOF. Worked for someone else.

And we gave this office guy a seemingly massive savings ratio by normal standards! 

Could you imagine the only hours each day where you are making money for yourself being from 3:30-5pm?

Holy moly.

Anyways, that's why we don't live in the crazy world of normalcy. So let's get back to the story. 

"9 days each month, huh?" I thought.

That's not bad compared to the rest of the world. But who cares about comparing to the rest of the world.

The real question, I thought, is, "Could I make my nine days better?"

I have a net worth over six figures (due to investment growth). That net worth is equal to about 7 years worth of lifestyle cost for me.

What am I still doing!???

I have the freedom right now to choose how to spend those days. To choose how to spend those 2,000 hours each year. To choose how to live my life.

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If I don't make a change, having that much leeway, I'm an idiot! The only thing holding me back is me. Period. Once you have a stash, there is no one else to blame. 

And so, on that sunny day in August 2016 I decided to quit my job, go off and see the world for a bit and come home to align my income to something I enjoy doing more. 

Little did I know then that I'd come home from traveling with even more money than when I left my job, be incredibly happier with how I am spending my time and feel healthier than ever before.

These changes are all possible, almost mandatory, when you live a hidden green life. 

Once you have the choice the world is yours. My goal is to get to that point and keep the choice for my entire life.

I hope this blog helps you do the same.

Free Mini-Course — Do What You Love Finance

Keep reading. You won't regret it.