Why You Should Let Fear Decide Your Story

When each of us dies we will be remembered by a story.

The story our friends, our colleagues and our families come to make of us during our short journey on this planet.

So it might be worth thinking about, What will your story be?

Maybe an easier place to start thinking about is, What don't you want your story to be? 

If we really gave that question time, most people would probably agree they wouldn't want a story of:

-Giving up on their dreams to travel in their 20s,
-Selling someone else's idea from an office chair each day from 8-5,
-Or feeling stuck wishing to do something new and different, but giving into "life" because that's just how things are.

No one wants that story.

No one wants to be writing that.

But maybe something up there rings true, just a little.

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If it does, it's okay.

Why? Because if something up there has a hint of truth you're actually not the one writing your story.

Someone else is.

Their name is "Society."

Society is telling you, "Don't worry about it. That's just how life is. Look around. Everyone else lives this way too. Just accept it."

And you're accepting it. You're letting Society write your story.

But what if you didn't accept Society's reasoning of "that's just how it is". What if you didn't accept Society's story as your own?

What if you went after your own story? Where would you find it?


Maybe a good place to look is a place where no one else looks. A place most people continually run away from — the things that scare them.

Why not just try it?

What scares us about doing what we actually want?

I want to leave my job to travel. But I'm too scared I won't be able to make money once back.

I want to start my own business. But I'm too scared I'll fail and everyone will see.

I want to start caring for my body. But I'm too scared I, again, won't be able to actually get fit.

I want to let my true self come to life. But I'm too scared to leave the comfort of someone else writing my story.

Huh. Neat.

In looking at what scares us about what we want, we now see both: 1. What we want and 2. What's holding us back. 

What we want is paired with our fears. 


If only we knew that... That the story we want to write for ourselves is paired with our fears. 

But what if we figured that out? How would we change our ways?

If we lived knowing that, maybe we'd make fear our friend.

When fear would come by maybe we'd simply say, "Fear. Oh! It's just you again."

Ok, cool. Well welcome back."

Whenever you've come by before I was on the brink of doing something really cool — something I truly wanted."

So I'm glad you're here. Because that means I'm on the brink of doing something really cool again — something I truly want."

So, fear, don't go anywhere. Seriously. I'm going to need you. We're going to do this together."

Wow. That sounds kinda cool.

Literally making fear our friend. Engaging with it. Talking to it. Inviting it into our lives.

Figuring out what's holding us back and why.

What if we treated fear as our friend?

Because hey, this relationship with fear, whether a friend or a foe, is probably going to go on all our life. 

Or at least we'd hope so. Right?

Because if fear ever stopped coming by, who's story would we be giving our life too?

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