Learn stress free financial freedom.

Who is Ryland?


Ryland is a writer, outdoorsman and surfer. He loves building things with his hands, and helping others do things they didn't think possible.

Working together he's an encouraging partner that provides you honest and critical feedback with the goal of making you financially independent. He uses stories, leading questions, custom built forecasters, limiting belief work and other tools to help you build wealth in both money and life. 

He is the founder of the environmental education nonprofit Sprout Up and serves on the Board of Gravity Water. His prior work has been recognized by Forbes magazine, Clinton Global Initiative University and VH1's Do Something Awards


Who are my clients?

My clients are usually between the age of 25 and 34. They are fun everyday people who have a job and income, but don't know why their bank account doesn't grow each year. They are graduates looking for ways to pay down their debt and start creating a beautiful life. And often they have a big dream or two, and just need a helping hand to show them how those aspirations can financially be turned into a reality.


What does the money coaching process look like?

The money coaching process starts with 2 free conversations about you. In them we dig deep into the question, "What would you do if money didn't exist?" And at the end I provide you with a 1 page wealth plan catered to your unique situation.

After we decide to move forward together, we meet for six months – 6 times in the first three months and 3 times in the last three months. In those meetings we work through your current financial situation, recurring needs and future dreams. 

After each meeting, I provide you with notes and a simple checklist of action items. If anything comes up between meetings I am available via phone and email for a few hours each month. Over the 6 month process I also build you personalized spreadsheets, recommend specific online tools, work through limiting beliefs and send you educational materials that are specific to your situation. 

By the end of the 6 months you will feel completely comfortable with money, and you will be on an upward trajectory with your finances and life. If at that time you want to continue working together, we can do that too. I'll add you to my monthly subscription service where you'll have a few hours of phone and email access to me each month.


What's can I expect?

My aim is to get you adding 20% (or more) to your bottomline every month, without giving up a life you love.

If, after our intro meeting, I don't believe I can do that, I will tell you. I'll point you towards the right resource for you.

If things line up, then here's what you can expect:

Let’s assume you make $35,000/yr after taxes. Here's what saving 20% would do:

  • Baseline (20%) — $7000/yr
  • Pessimistic (10%) — $3500/yr
  • Average (30%) — $9500/yr
  • Optimistic (50%) — $17,500/yr

If you're curious, calculate this for yourself.

What would saving +20% of every paycheck do for you?


What's the price?


  • Two 30 minute long conversations about you – your dreams, current problem areas and needs

  • A 1 page financial outline of high level personal goals

  • An understanding of what you will get out of the process


1 on 1

  • Nine personal meetings over 6 months

  • Open email and phone access

  • Comprehensive planning materials catered to your individual goals (spreadsheets, tracking reports and self assessments)

  • Recommended tools, readings, podcasts and videos



  • Nine group meetings over 6 months (Up to 4 people)

  • Open email and phone access

  • Comprehensive planning materials catered to each group member's goals (spreadsheets, tracking reports and self assessments)

  • Recommended tools, readings, podcasts and videos

$175/mo  Per Person


What I do. What I don't do.

Before any commitment, you should know exactly what I do and what I don't do.

Here's what I don't do. I do not manage portfolios, place trades, make security recommendations, provide portfolio advice or sell investment products. What we do together is solely educational, and I am not accountable or responsible for the actions taken with your money. Your decisions are strictly up to you. 

If you are looking for someone to manage your money, then you are looking for a financial advisor. Email me and I'll connect you with a great one.

What I do do is teach you unique strategies that help with things like cash flow, budgeting, debt management and net worth. The concepts we cover together are foundational to any individual's financial success.

I am here to put your financial education on overdrive by catering it specifically to you. In the end you will be comfortable managing your money decisions and feel ownership over your complete financial picture.


What do past clients think?



“Before I started I had tried a bunch of personal finance tools, but I could never really figure them out and get it to stick.

The biggest thing coaching did for me was give me transparency into my own finances.

As soon as I started tracking my spending like that I saw the change.

I went from being cash flow negative every month to being consistently cash flow positive. The coaching program changed my life, no joke.”

Started saving +$750 more each month.



“I’ll say the $250/mo we invested in The Hidden Green coaching is the best money we’ve ever spent in our life because now we have an education, a plan...

It saved our life financially.

That’s like the truth. We have this kid on the way and we have a beautiful home now with a second bedroom, and we’re saving more money now spending $13,000 more a year on rent then we were ever before.

Like I don’t feel burdened by our finances at all right now, and we owe $50,000. Haha

Some people are scared to spend that $200-$300 per month to guide them through and coach them financially, but I can not stress enough how good of a decision that was for us.

And like sure, we're spending an extra $200 a month, but at the end of it we are coming out WAY on top.

And obviously, we didn’t hit the Powerball and we’re not financially free right now.

But we are free within our own minds at least in knowing that everything is going to be okay because we have a plan that we have fun with and can stick to.

That feeling is really special to have.

Started saving +$1750 more each month.


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