Learn stress free financial freedom.

Are you stuck in a disappointing financial situation?

Learn how to become financially secure, build a savings and own your time and freedom.

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Here’s something to ask yourself…

“Why do some people pursue their creative freedoms and others seem stuck on the hamster wheel of 'normal life'"

You’re probably thinking because they inherited a trust fund...

Or won the lottery. Or just got lucky in some way you never will.

Not so fast.

Here's the hidden truth.

All people who have financial independence have three qualities in common:

  • They cash flow positive every month, and have years worth of spending saved away that keeps them from being beholden to a job, boss or situation they don’t enjoy.
  • They desire freedom more than things and expensive experiences, and their financial decisions reflect that.
  • They are crystal clear on their values, goals and what they want out of life.

What’s different is they know happiness doesn’t come from what money can buy — but rather happiness can come from the freedom of having money stashed away.

They are individuals, couples and even parents that are acutely aware of what they want, why they want it and how to use money to get it in a way that maintains their financial freedom — living stress free of financial worries, taking on projects they love rather than jobs out of obligation, exploring the world for extended periods of time…

And it’s because they know how to cash flow positive (like insanely positive) as they go through life.

“Ok, fine. But cash flowing positive will never work for me.”

That’s probably what you’re thinking, right? I used to think that too.


What took me three years and +$100k in lost income to figure out:

Most people were never taught how to manage their finances. Much less, in a way that enables freedom of time and creativity.

If you’re like me, you worked your tail off through school and at multiple jobs.

But whenever your finances came up, the reality that you have a lack of savings, are spending outside your means and, possibly, have debt hits you like a ton of bricks.

I went through those same feelings too, and I want to share with you my beginnings because maybe it will help you see that you can overcome them too.

I want to share the literal first steps I took that empowered me to:

  • Stash $97k in my first 3 working years (with an average salary of $55k/yr)
  • Live a fun, outdoor lifestyle while doing doing it

My goal today is to teach you how to do the same — how to stash money while living a freedom-based life. Not in some scammy or sleazy way, but in a way that is honest, down to earth and truthful.

So here’s how my money independence journey started.

In a CPA’s office. John Bostwick’s bright white-walled office to be exact.

You see, while in school I started and ran a nonprofit. From that work, in just two years, I won over $130k in awards and scholarships.


Mr. Bostwick, that day, was figuring out my taxes. After clicking away on his keyboard John looked across his desk and with the shine of the screen on his face said, “Ryland, It looks like you owe $6,752.”

I started to tear up.

I had spent everything. To be honest, I spent more than everything. And I didn’t even know where it went.

I wasn’t raised like that.

I was raised to live within my means, to appreciate the small things by two beautiful parents in a lower-middle class home.

And there I sat. Clueless as to how I had spent over $130,000 in two years. And scared because I had nothing left to pay that debt.

I left the office that day in tears, but knowing I needed to make a change.

My wonderful dad had always told me, “You never want to go into debt. Seriously, Ryland, if it ever happens, do whatever it takes.”


That voice was whispering over and over in my head.

And so over the next few days I sold my car. I sold all my surfboards. And I sold my beloved professional trumpet to pay off the debt immediately and cover my next few months of rent.

A few days into this new journey one of my best friends gave me a spreadsheet his dad (a mathematics PHD professor) had given him named, Imagining Investment Portfolio Growth, One Ingredient for a Great Life.

Here’s the exact email. Pardon that one word in there…


What I saw amazed me.

It all becomes easy when money works for you. Like stupid easy.

But I had no clue how to get my money working for me. No idea where to start.

Though I knew if I could do it, I could literally go off and do all the things I truly wanted. So I went full steam ahead into learning about money.

For three full years, I hit blockers and walls with my learning. At times I seriously felt like I was running around in directionless circles for months.

But I kept going because I knew if I could figure it out — not through luck, but through a system — I could live out those life dreams without the stress of money.

Today, I have a net worth of over $100k, am trail running at 11am on a Wednesday and chatting with my dad for an hour on Thursday afternoons.


Is everything perfect? Heck no.

But it’s a way lot less stressful to go off and live out my life dreams knowing I have 9+ years worth of lifestyle cost available if I ever need to use it.

So that’s what I want to do with you. I want to make money easy for your life.

So, how do we do that?

Not by picking penny stocks, not through a passive income ponzi-scheme and not with some get-rich-quick promise.

Instead, we will learn how to stash money starting wherever you are today.

(Stashing money, or saving money, is the only way to end your debt, build a savings or start to invest. In other words, it is your key to freedom. And it’s the place where you should start. )


What would saving +20% of every paycheck do for you?

Let’s assume you make $35,000/yr after taxes. Here's what saving 20% would do:

  • Baseline (20%) — $7000/yr
  • Pessimistic (10%) — $3500/yr
  • Average (30%) — $9500/yr
  • Optimistic (50%) — $17,500/yr

Seriously, calculate this for yourself.

What would saving +20% of every paycheck do for you?


Three things that must happen if you want to reliably obtain peace of mind with your finances and creative freedom with your life:

In order to gain peace of mind with your finances and creative freedom with your life, you need to change your cash flow.

And to change your cash flow, you first need to modify the way you manage, interact with and perceive your finances — from beginning to end.

For that to happen, you’re going to have to have these three pieces in place. Otherwise, you’re going to stay stuck right where you are — where you no longer want to be.

#1: A Blueprint

You need guidance. You need to know how to create a budget you actually stick to, how to see where your money is going, how to make a plan that unlocks the time freedom you desire...

You can put this plan together by learning it from someone who’s already been down that path, or you can do it on your own through trial and error.

I pieced my plan together through months of failed experimentation, hiring financial advisors and reading a LOT of blogs, books and guides. As you’ll find out in a moment, I have a turnkey plan available for you.

#2: Change in Mentality

You also need to get over self doubt.

You've probably heard the statements, “I live in a super, super expensive place. The cost of living makes saving money impossible.”

“I prioritize living in the present, being spontaneous… so saving money just isn’t for me.”

“My life is different because I (fill in the blank)...”

Look, doubts plague every financial independence seeker, no matter how good or bad a situation they start in. And it will (and probably does) affect you.

This is why I surrounded myself with peers, mentors and coaches both online and in person as I began pursuing financial independence. They seemingly had my back and could help me noticed all the progress I was making even when it didn’t seem obvious.

It’s important to have access to a community of peers that can help you when you’re stuck. And as you’ll soon see, I can help you do just that.

#3: Action

Finally, you need to act.

All the information in the world means nothing if you don’t apply it.

I know plenty of people who know exactly what they need to do and are determined to succeed, but month after month they don’t make any progress.

You need to be willing to change the way you view your next spending decision or tweak how you currently manage your finances.

Over the years, I’ve developed a number of resources — planners, forecasters, workflows, maps, action lists — that have allowed me to quickly apply this framework I’ve developed to my coaching clients. And (you guessed it!), I’m now making it all available to you.


Introducing: Discover Your Hidden Green

The self-study course built to help you achieve peace of mind with your finances and creative freedom with your life.

A few years ago, I sat down to write a short ebook that I could share with friends who were struggling with and stressed out by their finances.

Since then, I’ve rewritten, redone and reworked that seed of a product into something full featured and comprehensive: An in-depth course that covers everything you need to know about building a savings, paying off your debt and gaining a sense of financial security and freedom.

This course is designed for working people struggling to build a savings or pay off their debts, no matter what their age or financial background.

And regardless of what financial state you are in, you’ll equip yourself with the knowhow to build a worry free and freedom-based personal financial picture.


Here's what you'll find inside:

Section 1: Cleaning Up Your Money Life

In the first section, we teach you how to see and manage your entire money picture in one place. We help fix any money movement issues by restructuring your accounts with money maps. And we reallocate your money so that it is working in the most effective way possible for your specific money situation.

Section 2: Reverse-Engineer Your Wealth Building

In the second section, we walk you through building a budgeting process that you'll use for years to come. We then show you how to see where you're savings and debt balances will be months into the future. And finally, we show you how to put it all together and automate it, so everything just happens in the background. At the end of this section you will be crystal clear on how you will build money to enable your beautiful life.

Course Goal

By the end of the course, our goal is for your entire money life to just be easy. You will have direction, know your next steps and continue using the framework from the course for months continuing to hone your financial freedom life.

And all this too...

Case Study Interviews

Inside the course, I interviewed a number of successful students of mine with the intent of learning what held them back from applying the framework, how exactly they overcame limitations (both internal and external), and what effect success has had on their finances and life. The interviews are with students of all backgrounds.

Interactive Course Emails

While the course is underway, I stay in touch with you at the same pace as you. In these emails I’ll provide tips, tricks and worksheets that help you pinpoint your problem areas and identify and enact the solution.

Interactive Accountability Follow Ups

For the month after the course, I'll follow up with you every week over emails. In these emails I'll help you apply each section of the course to your finances through a series of interactive worksheets.

Access to My Private Community

You’ll join a space that is built for the support, collaboration and celebration of people going after their hidden green. The community is a place to ask questions, get ideas, encourage journeys, be held accountable and throw down the gauntlet when you accomplish something awesome.

Plug-and-Play Templates

I’m giving you all the forecasters, planners and budgeting tools both I and all my coaching clients personally use to build our stress free financial plans. They act as the plug-and-play blueprint that enables your enjoyable life in the present and goals for the future.

Free Updates For Life

The additions that are included in this course (the videos, interviews, plug-in-play templates, accountability follow up course, etc.) are getting improved all the time. (Seriously, like every week.) You’ll get these updates for life.


What's next for you and your personal finances?

I’m not sure what your exact goals are with pursuing financial freedom.

Maybe you want to switch to a job or self-funded career that provides more time do what you love? (Just think: If you started saving +20% of every paycheck, what type of confidence you’d gain to improve your situation).

Or maybe you have dreams of living abroad or taking off see the world for a number of months? (Imagine if that decision didn’t feel like the irresponsible one.)

Or maybe you just want a sense of security from having a savings cushion or paying off your debt or knowing your future will be stable and secure.

Honestly, I don’t care what you want to do after you start saving money each and every paycheck. I just want to help you increase the amount you stash in a way that enables freedom.

So right now you have two paths you could go down:

  • "The Long Road": Continue doing what you've been doing and slowly piece together your own process through a lot of trial and error.
  • "The Shortcut": Adopt a framework that has already helped people like you gain peace of mind with their finances and creative freedom with their lives.

What would being able to save just +20% on this month’s income mean for you?

If you make $30,000 a year, you'd stash $500 each and every month.

(Seriously, calculate this for yourself.)

And what if you were twice as likely to do that every month while also enabling more time to do what you love.

The choice is yours.


Option #1: Complete Course

Join now for just $129

  • 12+ no frills video lessons
  • Plug-and-play tools, checklists and planners
  • Case studies with past students
  • 30-Day guided, interactive email course
  • 30-Day accountability follow up course
  • Lifetime access to the private THG community

Option #2: Basic Course

Join now for just $99

  • 12+ no frills video lessons
  • Plug-and-play tools, checklists and planners
  • Case studies with past students
  • 30-Day guided, interactive email course
  • 30-Day accountability follow up course
  • Lifetime access to the private THG community

“What if this doesn’t work for me?”

Let’s say you go through the course, do the work and... you’re back where you started. What then?

We sell solutions, not products. If for whatever reason this course doesn’t give you everything it promises, I don’t want your money.

And look, it’s happened. The early version of the course had some holes, but fortunately those have been ironed out having spent months beta testing the course with early customers.

And occasionally someone will buy who just isn’t a good fit — like a coach potatoe who's never made a dollar.

If you follow the course, but still don’t start saving money to make a return off the purchase, send me an email. Show me you did the work (I'll likely coach you through wherever you're stuck) and I’ll refund 100% of your money.

And I realize that you probably won’t get to really test everything covered within 14 or 30 days, so this guarantee doesn’t expire. I trust you.


Past Student Success Stories

Author Sterling Montes


“Discover Your Hidden Green isn’t just a Dave Ramsey save money thing. It’s like a how can you hack your life to actually live the life you want to be living.

My friends and I always chat about how we can get past living the lifestyle of everyone else.

And it was cool to have a program that doesn’t subscribe to that norm.

It didn’t just help me financially, but it set me up more than that. That’s a whole another side to it.

There’s a lot of blog posts out there telling you to create the life you want.

But it was just cool to combine that with money because that is actually what you need to focus on to make it happen, not just, "Follow your passion." you know?”

Started saving +$3000 more each month.

Author Claire


“Discover Your Hidden Green, with its community of like-minded people and helpful resources, motivated me to turn over a new leaf.

It’s not just an objective numbers game, with those who are best at math in the lead.

What has been most impactful to me has been aligning my money management with my values and goals, and realizing that it is entirely doable with hard work, knowledge, and dedication.

The course has reinforced the idea that the ultimate goal in learning how to manage and invest money is freedom — the freedom to do what you want with the time you have.

It’s not in any way about lusting after money or accumulating so much that you wouldn’t know what to do with it.

You only live once. So why waste your time here doing something you’re not truly passionate about?"

Started saving +$750 more each month.

Author Dylan Jhaveri


“When I started I had tried a bunch of personal finance tools, but I could never really figure them out and get it to stick.

The biggest thing the course did for me was give me transparency into my own finances.

As soon as I started tracking my spending like that I saw the change.

I went from being cash flow negative every month to being consistently cash flow positive. Discover Your Hidden Green changed my life, no joke.”

Started saving +$500 more each month.

Author Travis Mathews


“I’ll say the $1200 we invested in The Hidden Green coaching is the best money we’ve ever spent in our life because now we have an education, a plan...

It saved our life financially.

That’s like the truth. We have this kid on the way and we have a beautiful home now with a second bedroom, and we’re saving more money now spending $13,000 more a year on rent then we were ever before.

Like I don’t feel burdened by our finances at all right now, and we owe $50,000. Haha

Some people are scared to spend that $200-$300 per month to guide them through and coach them financially, but I can not stress enough how good of a decision that was for us.

And like sure, we're spending an extra $200 a month, but at the end of it we are coming out WAY on top.

And obviously, we didn’t hit the Powerball and we’re not financially free right now.

But we are free within our own minds at least in knowing that everything is going to be okay because we have a plan that we have fun with and can stick to.

That feeling is really special to have.

Started saving +$2500 more each month.


Common Questions

Is an online budgeting platform used in the course?

Yep, Mint.com.

We teach the tips and tricks for how to manage your money via Mint’s personal finance tracking platform. If you aren’t willing to link your bank accounts to Mint, but still want to take the course please let me know.

Is this course for a specific type of person?

This course is for young professionals struggling to build a savings and pay off their debt who want peace of mind with their finances and more control over how they spend their time. If you have a job and some fire under your ass, this course is for you.

"I'm in the worst financial place possible. Will this really help me?"

Yes. 100%.

Improving your financial situation when it feels completely out of control is exactly the situations we built this course to take on. (In reality, this course is built for you more than it's built for anyone else.)

Does the course cover investing?

No, it helps you build a solid foundation so you can start investing confidently. The course is built around getting you to cash flow positive each and every month. Cash flowing positive is the most important part of building a savings cushion, paying off your debt and owning the future of your finances, as you can’t be successful financially without it.

What happens after I buy this course?

You'll be given an account where you can access the entire course at any time and from any desktop, tablet, or mobile device, along with an initial email from me. A few days later, you'll get your first accountability email, and they'll continue for the next two months. Each of these emails will contain additional insights and information, along with an interactive worksheet that will help you apply the course to your personal finances

I can't commit to the 30-day email course and 30-day accountability follow up course at the moment...

That's perfectly fine. Most aren't able to complete the worksheets in real-time. This course is sold on an ongoing basis, so if you can't complete the worksheets until later, my first email to you after buying gives you instructions on how to filter out my accountability emails and complete them when you're able.


Option #1: Complete Course

Join now for just $129

  • 12+ no frills video lessons
  • Plug-and-play tools, checklists and planners
  • Case studies with past students
  • 30-Day guided, interactive email course
  • 30-Day accountability follow up course
  • Lifetime access to the private THG community

Option #2: Basic Course

Join now for just $99

  • 12+ no frills video lessons
  • Plug-and-play tools, checklists and planners
  • Case studies with past students
  • 30-Day guided, interactive email course
  • 30-Day accountability follow up course
  • Lifetime access to the private THG community

See you on the inside!