Learn stress free financial freedom.

Real Estate Course (Beta) 

This course was made available in the beta version of Discover Your Hidden Green. 

The content will teach you 90% of everything you'll need to know for how to invest in Real Estate wisely.

Since this is a beta, if you have any questions as you go, just email me.


[Lesson 1] How Real Estate Can Take You to Freedom

[Lesson 2] How to Use Leverage Effectively

[Lesson 3] How to Find Ideal Real Estate Locations for Investments

[Lesson 4] Figure Out Your Path to Money Independence with Real Estate

[Lesson 5] Build Your All Star Team

[Lesson 6] How to Figure Out Which Properties to Look Further Into

[Lesson 7] A Real Life Property Analysis

[Lesson 8] The Spreadsheet from God

[Lesson 9] How to Make an Offer

[Lesson 10] How to Complete a Rehab Fast and Easy

[Lesson 11] How to Place Great Tenants

[Lesson 12] The Epic Tax Benefits of Real Estate